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About 'Heart Is Key'

Incredimazing author, Danielle B. Gornik, and her sister, Ty Briley, the illustrator.
Our Story


Confidence and self-esteem are essential building blocks for strong emotional foundations. We, as adults, understand these fundamentals but how do we teach these internal building blocks to our children in a way that resonates?

Olivia and Thomas have taken up this challenge by leading young readers through these concepts with easy-to-remember rhyming verses in “Confidence Is Key”, the first book of the Heart Is Key children’s
book series.   


Every book purchased generates a donation for a like-minded non-profit seeking to help children build emotional intelligence and strength.

The love and light we possess inside is a gift meant to sparkle and brilliantly shine. Never forget that ‘You are incredible, you are amazing, put it together and you are INCREDIMAZING!’

Confidence Is Key:


For the first book, we will be donating a portion from kindle sales to anti-bully, non-profits.


Confidence is Key available on iTunes and Amazon.
Get Confidence is Key on iTunes today!
Get Confidence is Key on Amazon today!
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